Chowalloor Shiva Temple Guruvayoor Thrissur

The presiding deity of the temple is Shiva, located in main sanctum sanatorium, facing West. According to folklore, sage Parashurama has installed the idol. The temple is a part of the 108 famous Shiva temples in Kerala and one among the five Shiva temples around Guruvayoor.

Chowalloor Siva Temple is an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva at Guruvayoor of Thrissur District in Kerala state in India. Daily three poojas are conducted for Lord Shiva; Shivaratri and Ashtami Rohini are the major festivals of the temple.

Parassinikadavu Muthappan temple in kannur

Temple structure

The Chowalloor temple has about 4 acres of land. It has built a large edifice around it. The towers are not built on the side of the temple wall. There is no flag mast there because there is no festival in the temple. The main Balikallu in Balikalpura is about 10 feet tall. So from outside, the Shiva lingam can not be seen. On the north-west side of the temple here is a shrine of Subrahmanya Swamy facing to east.

The Subrahmanya Temple is a part of the renovation of the temple in 2001. The temple's main sanctum sanatorium is in round shape and which is made of two floors. The second roof of the Sanctum Sanctorum is made by copper and there is a golden dam.

Contact Address: J34C+8WM, Temple Road, Chowallur, Kerala 680517

Phone : 04885 238 166

Chowalloor Shiva Temple Entry Details

Chowalloor Shiva Temple Dress Code:

For Men: Dhoti or Mundu without shirts or banyan
For Women’s: Saree and Pavada are allowed. (Salvar sets and modern dresses are not allowed)

How To Reach

By Road : The nearest bus station 42 min (24.3 km) via Thrissur - Kunnamkulam Rd in Chowalloor Shiva Temple

By Railway Station : The nearest Railway Station to Chowalloor Shiva Temple is 42 min (24.3 km) via Thrissur - Kunnamkulam Rd.

By Nearest Airport : The nearest airport is the Kochi International Airport, 53 min (30.6 km) via Thrissur - Kunnamkulam Rd to the Chowalloor Shiva Temple

Transpotation in Chowalloor Shiva Temple Guruvayoor

Chowalloor Shiva Temple Images

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