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Manapullikavu is a Hindu temple located in Palakkad city, Kerala of India. The temple is most famous for the annual festival that takes place in the temple known as Manappullikavu Vela.

Manapullikavu is also a major residential area in Palakkad city comprising apartments and residential colonies. Sree Manappully Bhagavathy Temple is situated in Palakkad city, Kerala. It is on the Palakkad–Chittur road and hardly 200 meters away from the National Highway 544 .Earlier the temple was under the private ownership of ‘Kenath Family’. Now the temple is under Malabar Devaswom Board (MDB). Kariyannur Manakkal Bavathrathan Namboothiripad of Pattambi is the Thanthri (Head Priest) of the temple now.

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Sree Manapullikavu Vela: Some of the major festivals here are Vishu, Onam, Diwali & the great Manapulli Vela. This place is also well known for its temple processions, which would be normally conducted with nearly seventeen tuskers in minimum. The Manapulli Vela is glorified also by the firework displays, panchavadya-performances, Kathakali, Ootam Thullal, Katha Prasangam and various other cultural arts.

‘Kanyar’ is conducted on the Ist Friday of the Malayalam month ‘Kumbam’ and the Vela is invariably conducted on the 14th day after ‘Kanyar’ (Kodiyettam). A Vela Committee is constituted for the proper conduct of the Vela Festival. The entire expenditure for the festival is met from donations received from the devotees. After the Kodiyettam, many cultural events are organised in the evenings for 14 days culminating on the day of Vela, by renowned folk/cultural artists of the state which attract huge crowds.

Lot of devotees from various places come and worship Bhagavathy on Vela day. The Vela day starts early with special poojas and in the afternoon, Bhagavathy starts her vela procession. It is considered that on the invitation extended by the ‘Desakkar’ (locals) with ‘Upacharam Chollal’, Bhagavathy comes out of the ‘Sanctum Sanctorum’ for the ‘Vela Procession’, mixing up with her devotees for uniting her ‘Thattakam’ and eliminating all the evils. It is noted that on Vela day, neither the usual ‘Deeparadhana’ nor the ‘Athazhapuja’ is performed, as Bhagavathy is celebrating Vela with the ‘Desakkar’.

The ‘Deeparadhana and ‘Athazhapuja’ of Vela day will be performed on the next day after ‘Sudhi’ (cleansing ceremony). The ‘Chaandh Abishekam’, one of the important pooja during the Vela day, attracts flocks of devotees. ‘Vedikettu’ (Fireworks) is also an important attractive element of the festival which takes place in the late evening when the Vela procession reaches back to the temple from Fort Maidan and also in the early morning.

Bhagavathy is very fond of fire works as she is considered to be born from the Jada of Paramasiva with fire and thunder. On the Vela day the ‘nada’ is opened only after Karimarunnu is lit in front of Bhagavathy’. Annadanam’ (offering of food) is conducted in which thousands of devotees take part. The day of Vela is declared as a local holiday by the government which shows the importance of the festival.

It is believed that after the evening Aarthi Bhagawathy goes to the Moolasthanam which is behind the present main temple (2 km) and returns to the Main Temple in the Morning.

Also the Easwara Pooja for Bhairavar is very special and by performing Muttu at Bhairavar keeps the Evil forces away - The Ultimate Protection.

Manappalli Bhagawathy is the family deity and so followers perform the Pooja and do an offering before starting any function such as marriage; after the marriage the newlyweds go to the temple and take the blessings.

Address: QM58+73J, East Yakara, Manapullikavu, Palakkad, Kerala 678013

Phone: 0491 253 9431

Manapullikavu Temple Entry Details

Dress Code:
For Men: Dhoti or Mundu without shirts or banyan
For Women’s: Saree and Pavada are allowed. (Salvar sets and modern dresses are not allowed)

How to Reach Manapullikavu Temple

By Rail:
Manapullikavu Temple is 17 min (6.7 km) via Palakkad - Koduvayur - Meenakshipuram Hwy

By Road:
Manapullikavu Temple is 6 min (2.3 km) via Chittur Rd

 Nearest bus transpotation in Manapullikavu Temple Palakkad

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