Kodikkunnu Bhagavathy Temple, Palakkad

The Kodikkunnu Bhagavathy Temple or Kodikkunnu Ambalam is a Hindu temple dedicated to the goddess Durga located in the village of Pallippuram, near Pattambi, in Palakkad district of Kerala, India.

images of Kodikkunnu Ambalam Temple, Palakkad


The temple complex features three holy entrances (nada) in three directions—north, east and west—each with a separate granite stone-paved steps that leads to the temple. Within its hall, the temple's principal deity is referred to as Amma (meaning Mother); the principle Hindu deity Siva is enshrined to the same level of regard, along with Ganapathi to the left of the main deity.


The temple's origins is attributed to a legendary story of Muthassiar Kavu Bagavathi, the chief deity of Muthassiar Kavu (grandmother's temple) nearby. It is said that the goddess and her three beautiful daughters (including Kodikkunnathamma) had been strolling along the river on a summer night, when the youngest daughter became fixated by kanakkan community dance festival. The legend suggests that when she refused to leave upon the conclusion of the event, the goddess ordered her to be the kanakkan's guardian deity, leading to the creation of Kanakkar Kavu.

Later, the remaining two sisters were said to have quarreled after witnessing the ritual of an animal sacrifice. The younger became engrossed in the ritual and settled in Kodungallur where blood sacrifices are common, leaving the elder to live in Kodikkunnu. The two sisters' dislike for the younger resulted in the closing of their temple doors in the direction facing towards Kodungallur, leading to the absence of a southern entrance at the Kanakkarkavu and Kodikkunnu Temples.


Chirankara Pooram

Chirankara pooram (temple festival) is the temple's main festival, conducted dedicated to the principal god Vishnu on behalf of Kodikkunnathamma. Such festivals are ordinarily only conducted at Durga temples and the Chirankara Mahavishnu Temple (also known as Keezhekkavu). The area under Pallippuram is divided into smaller administrative geographical units called "desam", in which each desam's people will send different types of dancers called "pootan" and "thara" to performance at the temple during the festival.

The festival consists of a Chenda melam, Thayambaka and Panchvadyam, and the bringing of a pair of decorated artificial bullocks called kaala, before being concluded with a vedikkettu (fireworks event).

Kathiratta Vela

The temple also conducts a Kathiratta Vela (Festival of Harvest) celebrated after the every year's harvest. The festival functions as a thanksgiving gesture to the goddess for the harvest.

Address: R4J8+45H, Thiruvegapura Pallippuram Rd, Kodikkunnu, Parudur, Kerala 679305

Phone: 094479 18543

Kodikkunnu Bhagavathy Temple Entry Details

Kodikkunnu Bhagavathy Temple Dress Code:
For Men: Dhoti or Mundu without shirts or banyan
For Women’s: Saree and Pavada are allowed. (Salvar sets and modern dresses are not allowed)

How to Reach Kodikkunnu Bhagavathy Temple

By Air:
Kodikkunnu Bhagavathy Temple nearest airport is 1 hr 53 min (58.6 km) via NH 66.

By Rail:
Kodikkunnu Bhagavathy Temple nearest railway station is 1 hr 54 min (67.6 km) via Palakkad - Ponnani Rd

By Road:
It takes around 1 hr 50 min (66.3 km) via Palakkad - Ponnani Rd

Transpotation in Kodikkunnu Bhagavathy

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