Thirumandhamkunnu Bhagavthy Temple Angadippuram, Malappuram

Tirunavaya Navamukunda Temple is an ancient Hindu temple at Tirunavaya town, near Ponnani, in Malappuram district of Kerala, India.

The temple situated on the northern bank of the Bharatappuzha (River Ponnani) is dedicated to Navamukundan (Narayana-Vishnu). The temple is one of the 108 Divya Desams dedicated to god Vishnu, who is worshipped as Navamukunda Perumal at Tirunavaya.

Thirunavaya Navamukunda Temple Malappuram

The temple deity, Thirumandhamkunnil Amma, was the paradevatha (official goddess) of the kings of Valluvanad, the local feudal kings ruled the area in the Middle Ages. The Nair warriors (called Chavers, literally "martyrs") of Valluvanad king set out from this temple to Thirunavaya, to participate in the famous Mamankam festival. A memorial structure called the chaver thara ("platform of the martyrs") can be found in front of the main entrance of the Thirumanthamkunnu Temple.

Important Pilgrim Center

The temple is also an important pilgrim center, especially for the eleven-day-long annual festival celebrated in March and April months of the Gregorian calendar. The "principal deity" of temple is Lord Shiva. But the famous deity is Sree Bhadrakali or Sree Parvathy, locally known as Thirumandhamkunnilamma and Ganesha, for whom the famous marriage oblation (Mangalya Puja) is performed. Devotees believe Mangalya puja will remove obstacles for one's marriage.

Thirumandhamkunnilamma is considered the Supreme Mother, Shakthi Devi in Hinduism. Bhadrakali believed to be born from the third eye of lord Shiva to kill the demon king Daruka. Bhadra means good and Kali means goddess of time. Bhadrakali is worshiped for prosperity and salvation. Devi is considered as the creator, protector, destroyer, nature & kundalini. Mangalya Puja, RigvedaLaksharchana, Chandattam and Kalampattu are the important religious offerings of the Thirumanthamkunnu Temple.

There are ceremonies and rituals specific to this Hindu temple that are not carried out at others.The Thirumanthamkunnu Temple courtyards are on a hilltop that provides a view of the countryside spread out below.

Temple History

King Mandhata of Surya dynasty ruled his kingdom for a long period. He then gave away the kingdom to his successors and chose to meditate on supreme god Shiva and attain the Shiva's feet at the end. Shiva was pleased with his penance appeared before the king Mandhata and offered him any boon at Mount Kailash. The king prayed to the lord for an idol to worship till his death. Shiva gave him the most holy Shiva Lingam which was too dear to him and which used to be worshipped by Parvati and then the god disappeared.

Important Festivals

The important festivals at Thirumandhamkunnu are kalampattu from Vrischikam Ist to the Pooram festival in Meenam extending for 11 days with twenty- one Araattu from makayiram star. Other functions held in the temple are Laksharchana at Sreemoolasthanam and the Mangalya pooja on the Ist Friday in Thulam.

Thirumandhamkunnu Pooram, the annual festival of the temple is an 11-day-long celebration which is a major festival in the district of Malappuram in which Aarattu is a beautiful custom. Aaraattu, the bathing ceremony of Devi, in which the holy idol is carried on the tallest elephant accompanied by 5 other elephants leading to the lake nearby the temple. The idol is given a holy bath by the main offerer of the temple and taken back into the temple.

Temple Timings:

Thirumandhamkunnu Temple opens daily at 4:30 am in the morning and closes at 8 pm.

Morning: 4:30 am - 11:30 am
Evening: 4 pm – 8 pm

Temple Contact Address:
Post Box No 5,
Kerala 679321

Phone: 04933 258820, 258555

How to Reach

Railway Station: Angadipuram Railway Station, just 1.2 km away, is the major railway station to reach Thirumandhamkunnu Bhagavthy Temple. It is connected to major cities Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram through this line. Trains are available from here to Nilambur, Shoranur, Palakkad, Kottayam and Kochuveli.

Airport: The nearest airport to reach Thirumandhamkunnu Temple is Calicut International Airport, also known as Kozhikode International Airport or Karipur Airport. Calicut Airport is just 32.8 km away from Angadipuram.

By Bus: The nearest bus station is at Angadippuram, situated on the Kozhikode – Palakkad National Highway 966.

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Thirumandhamkunnu Bhagavthy Temple Images

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