Thalikkunu Maha Shiva Temple Mankave, Kozhikode

Thalikkunu Shiva Temple dedicated to Shiva, is situated in Mankave, Kozhikode, Kerala, India. Thalikkunu Shiva Temple is one of the oldest temples of Malabar.

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This temple has been attacked many times. Currently the Temple is under His Highness Zamorin of Calicut.Thali, Thiruvannur, Varackal, Puthur, Govindapuram etc. are other important temples in the town of Kozhikode as well as those nearby were completely destroyed as a result of Tipu's military operations. Some of them were reconstructed by the Zamorin after he returned following the defeat of Tipu Sultan in Sreerangapatanam and the Treaty of 1792.According to the Malabar Gazetteer, the following important temples were destroyed by Tippu's Army. Tali Mahadeva Temple, Kozhikode.


Thalikkunu Shiva Temple is located in Mankave, Kozhikode, Kerala.The temple is four kilometers from Kozhikode Railway Station and five kilometers from private and KSRTC bus stands.

Festivals and Celebrations

The most important is the Maha Shivaratri which is celebrated on the Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi of Hindu calendar month Maagha as per Amavasya-ant month calculation. As per Poornima-ant month calculation, the day is Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi of Hindu calendar month Phalguna which falls in February or March as per the Gregorian calendar. Of the twelve Shivaratris in the year, the Maha Shivarathri is the most holy. The Maha Shivaratri is Celebrated in grand every year. The celebration included Kazcha Sheeveli accompanied with Elephant, Chuttu Vilakku, Vilakinezhunallippu, Niramala, Maha Ganapati Homam etc.

Temple Structure

Temples main sanctum is square in shape facing East. The idol if Lord Shiva is in the form of Linga and decorated with silver crescent. In from of the main temple there is Namskaramandapam with the idol of Nandi on it. On the South West corner is the sanctum of Lord Ganapati and Lord Ayyappa. The is one well which is used for temple purpose only inside the complex. Outside is surrounded with pradikshana vazhi and a big banyan tree with idols of Nagam at the outer South West Corner. There is entry way at all the four sided of the temple complex with road access also from the four sides. However as the temple is facing East, the east entrance is used mainly.

Other Deities

Lord Ganapathi and Lord Ayyappa are worshiped inside the Ullambalam (inner temple) and Nagaraja is worshiped outside besides a big Banyan Tree.

Address: 6RP5+XVP, Thalikkunu Rd, near Kalpaka Theater, Mankave, Kozhikode, Kerala 673007

Phone: 0495 233 2000

Dress Code

The basic dress code when visiting a Hindu Temple is: shoulders must be covered (easily done with a scarf or a shawl) and trousers or skirts must cover at least knees. It is best to avoid anything too tight, too short and too revealing.

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