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The Sree Vaikom Mahadeva Temple is a temple dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva in Vaikom, Kerala, India.

The temple, along with the Ettumanoor Shiva Temple and the Kaduthuruthy Shiva Temple is considered a powerful place of Shiva. The belief is that if a devotee worships all the three temples before the Ucha puja, all his/her wishes are fulfilled. It is one of the oldest temples in Kerala and is famous for its Vaikom Ashtami festival.

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The temple is one of the few temples which is held in reverence by both Shaivas, the adherents of Shiva and Vaishnavas, the adherents of Vishnu. In Vaikom, Shiva is fondly called as Vaikkathappan, the lord of Vaikom. The lingam here is believed to be from the Treta Yuga, the third age of Hinduism and is considered one of the oldest temples in Kerala where puja has not been broken since its inception.

The temple is one of the major Shiva temples in Kerala held in reverence along with the temples in Ettumanoor, Kaduthuruthy, Vazhappally, Chengannur, Ernakulam, Vadakkunathan and Thirunakkara.

Vaikom Ashtami

The Vaikom temple is famous for the Vaikom Ashtami (Vaikathashtami), one of its main festivals, which is held in from November–December. The exact date of the festival is determined by the Malayalam calendar.Vaikathashtami is celebrated on the day of Krishna Ashtami in the Malayalam month of Vrischikam. It commemorates the appearance of Shiva before Vyaghrapada.

Address: P9XW+X9M, Vazhamana Rd, Vaikom, Kerala 686141

Phone: 04829 215 812

Dress Code

The basic dress code when visiting a Hindu Temple is: shoulders must be covered (easily done with a scarf or a shawl) and trousers or skirts must cover at least knees. It is best to avoid anything too tight, too short and too revealing.

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