Sree Pisharikavu Temple Koyilandi Kollam

Pisharikavu Temple is a temple located at Kollam, Koyilandy, Kozhikode district, North Malabar region of Kerala state of south India.

Pisharikavu Temple Koyilandi Kollam

Main festivals of Pisharikavu

The annual festival of Sri Pisharikavu Temple is celebrated in the Malayala month of "Meenam". The festival is celebrated with pomp for 8 days. The 7th day is celebrated as "Valiya Vilaku", and the 8th day is celebrated as "Kaliyattom", on which the divine Nandhakam sword is brought in procession around the temple on 7th and 8th day on a fully decorated female elephant, and traditional art form of Kerala is also staged in the temple.

Divine sword Nandhakam

The sword was given to the devotee who did very strong austerity and prayed to Porkali Devi. The pleased Porkali Devi blessed the devotee of Vaishya community, saying that she will fulfill all wishes of him prayed with pure devotion. After so many centuries later also the Nandhakam sword stays as a divine representation of Pisharikavu Devi to all devotees who take refuge to the mother Pisharikavyilamma.

The divine words of Sri Pisharikavilamma is that "Believe I am there with you where were you are irrespective of anyplace you are...proves that the divine mother would rescue her devotee if they believe and pray with full heart devotion anywhere they are."

Address: Anakkulam, Pisharikavu Rd, Koyilandy, Kerala 673307

Phone: 082811 52113

How to Reach

By Bus: 10 hr 37 min (406.0 km) via NH 66

Neartest Railway Station: 10 hr 33 min (404.8 km) via NH 66

Nearest Airport: 13 min (6.2 km) via Karakulam Mullassery Venkode Rd and Thiruvananthapuram - Ponmudi Rd/Thiruvananthapuram - Thenmala Rd

Sree Pisharikavu Temple Koyilandi Kollam

Sree Pisharikavu Temple Images

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