Sree Madiyan Koolom Kshethrapalaka Temple Kasaragod

Sree Madiyan Koolom Temple is located near Kanhangad in the Indian state of Kerala.

It is one of the most prominent Hindu temples in Kasaragod district, and is some 500 years old. It is dedicated to deity Kshetrapalakan Eswaran, the mother Goddess known as Kalarathri Amma (Bhadrakali).

Sree Madiyan Koolom Kshethrapalaka Temple

One of the oldest temples in North Kerala, Shri Madiyan Kulam is an ancient shrine. Sri Madiyan Kulam is the headquarters of the Allada Swaroopam Mookatham Nadu. The temple is known for its centuries-old wooden carvings and its epic poems. The poems portray the unity of different religions and castes. A peculiarity of this temple is that a Brahmin priest performs pooja only at noon, while the morning and evening poojas are performed by a sect called Maniyanis.

Legend and Etymology

Kshethrapalakan Eeshwaran is the main deity. Udinur Kovilakam is the head of Alladadesham, which stretches from Chittari to Olavara. Legend states that he decided to 'sit' when he found his niche, once he reached Madiyan on his journey from Udinur along with Vairajathan. He was attracted by the smell of the Appam (which is still an offering in the 'Kooloth Appam temple') that was being prepared for Nadayil Bhagavathi, the main deity of Koolom at the time. Seeing this Sastha and other disciples who were accompanying him called Thampuran Madiya, which means lazy in Malayalam and which later came to be known as Madiyan Kshethra palakan.

Vairajathan Theyyam

Thampuran or Kshethrapalakan later sat on the lap of Kaalarathriamma, a goddess who was in her 'furious form' and enjoyed a Mother's love and affection, eventually positioning himself facing towards the west of the temple. Another popular belief is that the word Madiyan originated from the fact that he sat on the lap (Madi in Malayalam) of Kalarathriyamma. It was also an end to the Shaktheya puja that was performed there before. In memory of Shakteya pooja, kallu (palm toddy) and fish are still brought inside the temple on the day of Kalasham.

Order of Darshan

The temple follows a particular order to offer prayers or having darshan.

Perattur Baghavathi
Maanjali Amma
Kshethrapalakan Eeshwaran


Kshethrapalakan Eeshwaran
Kalarathri Amma
Nadayil Bhagavathi Theyyam
Manavalan & Manavatty Theyyam
Manjaliamma Theyyam

Address: Shri Madiyan Koolom Temple, Madiyan, Kanhangad, Kerala 671316

Phone: 0467 226 8477

How to Reach

By Bus: 13 hr 48 min (538.1 km) via NH 66

By Railway Station: 13 hr 44 min (536.9 km) via NH 66

By Airport: 13 min (6.1 km) via Edappally - Panvel Hwy/Kanhangad - Kasaragod State Hwy/Kasaragod - Kannur Rd/Kochi - Panvel Hwy/Panvel - Kochi - Kanyakumari Hwy

 Temple in Kasaragod

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