Madhur Temple Kasaragod - Sree Madanantheshwara Siddhivinayaka Temple

Madhur Temple, also known as Sree Madanantheshwara - Siddhivinayaka Temple, is a popular Shiva and Ganapathi temple located 7 km from Kasaragod town in Kerala.

Madhur Ananteshwara Vinayaka Temple lies on the banks of Mogral river, locally known as Madhuvahini.

Madhur Sree Madanantheshwara-Siddhivinayaka Temple

Madhur Temple Signifiance

Even though the main deity of this temple is Lord Shiva known as Madanantheshwara, meaning the god who killed Kama, the god of desires, more importance is given to Lord Ganapathi, who is installed facing south in the main sanctum itself.

Priests of this temple belong to the Shivalli Brahmin community. Kashi Vishwanatha, Dharmasastha, Subrahmanya, Durga Parameshwari, Veerabhadra and Gulika are the sub-deities of this temple. There is also presence of Goddess Parvati inside the main sanctum.

This is one of the six Ganapathi temples of ancients Tulunadu, the other five are Sharavu Mahaganapathy in Mangalore, Mahaganapathy in Anegudde (Kumbashi), Siddi Vinayaka in Hattiangadi (Kundapura), Dwibhuja Ganapathy in Idagunji, and Ganapati at Gokarna.

Devotees from all over throng during the various festivals that happen here. Currently, the temple is managed by the government. The temple also offers Veda classes to young vatus during summer vacation which also includes the basics of Sanskrit. The accommodation and food for the vatus are arranged by the temple authorities.

Prayers and offerings made

Devotees usually offer prayers to Mahaganapathi in the form of "Udayastamana". "Appa", Madhur's famous prasad, is a very tasty preparation. This is prepared daily and anyone offering prayers can avail these at the counters. Among the special poojas that are performed, "Sahasrappa" (Thousand appas) is very prominent. It consists of making an offering of thousand appas and then the devotees get to take home all these (and eat them with full relish).

Important Festivals

The major festival celebrated here are the Ganesh Chaturthi and annual festival called Madhur Bedi. Madhur Bedi is a colourful five-day event and on the fourth day, the utsava moorthi (Thidampu) is taken out in a procession.

Temple Address: H236+93V, Madhur, Kerala 671124

Contact Phone Number: 04994 240 240

Madhur Temple Special Offering / Pooja

Another very special pooja that happens is Moodappam Seva which involves covering the Mahaganapathi statue with Appam. This is usually done on a community scale. Ganesh Chaturthi and Madhur Bedi are the occasions when the temple is at its busiest. The temple usually carries out special poojas on all the major festivals.

Madhur Ganapathi Temple in Kasaragod

Madhur Temple Images

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