Kundamthadam Cherupuzha Muthappan Temple Kannur

The Kundamthadam Cherupuzha Sree Muthappan Temple is a revered Hindu temple dedicated to Muthappan, a folk deity worshipped primarily in the Malabar region of Kerala, India.

Devotees visit this temple seeking the blessings and protection of Muthappan, who is believed to be a compassionate deity known for his benevolence and ability to fulfill the wishes of his devotees. The temple is known for its unique rituals, including the daily offering of fish to Muthappan, and it attracts devotees from various parts of Kerala and beyond.

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Theyyam is a traditional ritual art form of Kerala in which performers embody divine beings through elaborate costumes, makeup, and dance. Muthappan Theyyam is a prominent form of Theyyam dedicated to Lord Muthappan, where performers enact stories from his mythology and offer blessings to devotees.


The Temple has a number of festivals. The important ones are :

Installation Festival

The installation festival, also known as the Pratishta Mahotsavam, at the Kundamthadam Cherupuzha Sree Muthappan Temple in Cherupuzha, Kannur district, Kerala, typically occurs during the Malayalam month of Medam (April-May). During this auspicious occasion, special rituals, prayers, cultural programs, and festivities are organized to commemorate the consecration of the temple deity, Lord Muthappan.


heyyam is a traditional ritual art form indigenous to Kerala, India, characterized by vibrant performances that depict deities and mythical figures. Performers, known as Theyyam artists, undergo elaborate makeup, costumes, and rituals to embody divine beings, ancestors, or spirits.

Contact Address: Kundamthadam Cherupuzha Muthappan Temple, Cherupuzha, Kannur

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